What interests me?

Family, outdoors, painting, hiking, camping, photography, traveling, theatre, music, concerts, sailing, basketball (love it!) visiting National Parks and singing with my daughter. 🙂 She’s a pretty awesome musician.  Playing piano since kindergarten, violin since 4th, guitar and drums every so often.  Math and Science are her thing.  She excels at math and science without even trying.   She delights me with her sense of humour (she didn’t get it from mama) and good nature.  She’s definitely a better person than me.  Almost as though she has an old soul and is extremely insightful for her age.  My son delights me with original jokes and stories for a book he’ll write someday, mesmerizing me with his science ideas.  It’s amazing what he comes up with.  I remember being in a museum once with the family and my son wanting to share what he learned in History that week.  He easily spoke for at least 45 minutes with my complete attention.  He didn’t even have to work to gain and hold it.  I was amazed at how much he’d taken in and how well he retold what he’d learned.   My husband is one of those low maintenance kind of guys.  Give him a road bike, poker, computer and an iPhone and he’s good.  I don’t think there’s much I don’t like other than mushy vegetables, mean spirited people, narrow minded people and carelessness when it comes to our planet.


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