Next by, Michael Crichton.   I love how Crichton writes “This novel is fiction, except for the parts that aren’t.”  An engrossing novel nonetheless.  Crichton’s ability to write stories which I believe are loosely based on fact are frightening and mesmerizing.  His story telling is meant to make the public aware of  what is really taking place in our Bio Tech industry and research labs in prominent Universities.  When it comes to the bottom line for some of these firms, manipulation, extortion, and crime are a small price to pay for bragging rights and ownership of technology which stands to make them hundreds of millions.  The implications are  disturbing.  The Author’s Note contains information where Crichton hopes to educate the public on what’s going on behind the scenes at these firms and universities.  He goes on to say, Stop patenting genes and give valid reasons for why we shouldn’t; Establishing clear guidelines for the use of human tissues; Passing laws requiring data about gene testing in made public; Avoid bans on research; Rescind the Bayh-Dole Act.  A definite must read if you like science based literature.


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