A Women In Charge by, Carl Bernstein.  I’ve been a long time fan of Mrs. Clinton and have wanted to read something written by someone else for an unbiased view of her character.  Mr. Bernstein’s depiction of Hillary is complimentary and telling of Hillary’s influences which helped to form who she is.  After reading about her adolescence, It was difficult to imagine her strong personality thriving under such a traditional household typical of the 1950’s.  The strongly opinionated, fiscally responsible business man who was her father seemingly encouraged Hillary to push the envelope contrary to the culture at the time.  More to come.

Into The Wild by, Jon Krakauer.  A remarkable young man and story of living life on your own terms.  I’m not sure why I picked up this book, more than likely because it had to do with Alaska  (I tend to romanticize Alaska and the Appalachian trail).  Anyway,  I found the fact that he was determined to leave all belongings behind and see what he was made of intriguing and a way of living vicariously through him.  Heck who wouldn’t want to experience some of his treks?  It would seem the young man lived his life according to his fathers plan and he had reached a crossroad.  Continue to live to please his father (parents) or make a clean break to give himself time to think about what he wanted from life and see what kind of man he was.  I think he also deviated partly out of contempt for his controlling father.  What follows according to his diary are treks that reveal the astonishing beauty before all of us and the compassion and beauty in mankind.  So many strangers in his life going out of their way to help the lost soul and in some minds, ill prepared young man eager to take on the elements.  Ultimately he finds redeeming qualities in father figures outside of his immediate family.  McCandless is a fascinating young man who lived life on his terms.   I commend him for having the gumption to live life with gusto and passion.

The Age of Turbulence by, Alan Greenspan,  Write up to come.

Broken Government, How Republican Rule Destroyed Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches by, John W. Dean.  Write up to come.


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