Currently I’m reading Wormwood Forest by Mary Mycio.   Ms. Mycio an attorney turned investigative journalist, chooses to end her career as a lawyer to address her constant concerns and curiosity for more news of family after news of the Chernobyl Nuclear accident in 1986 leaked.  Her resourcefulness enables her to travel extensively throughout Russia and the Ukraine in an attempt to gauge the extent of the accident and uncover the steps Russia, Ukraine and American Government took to keep the accident under wraps and minimize the implications the accident had on the people and animals living within the “Zone of Alienation”.  After reading the book you are taken by the fact that Ms. Mycio is willing to endanger her own life to find answers for the accident so that the rest of mankind may possibly learn from the mistakes made.  She discovers that the two neighboring countries have very different regulatory systems in place for keeping people out of harms way and that regardless of mans carelessness with destructive material, life has continued to thrive in the forbidden zones, albeit packed with radiation.  Great Read!


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