Color Pencil

Here is an example of a color pencil lesson I taught K-5 students.  The lesson was on Georgia O’Keeffe.  We discussed how she would take the time to thoroughly study her subject and magnify the image on canvas.  The children were each given an apple in which to study for several minutes.  Each student had the opportunity to talk about the shape, color, and details of their particular apple.  Before beginning on the lesson, I showed the students a drawing I’d created specifically for the lesson where you could see the many levels of colors to my apple before the finished product.  In example (1) you will see the build up of yellows, oranges and finally reds.  In example (2) the finished product.  As always, try to use the best quality art material.  I personally use, Prismacolor colored pencils.  They are vibrant, rich in pigment and are smooth and creamy.  It’s amazing the difference you realize when layering and blending when you use a product typically found in elementary schools verses a middle grade or artist grade product.

Apple shading example (1)

Apple shading example (1)

Apple shading example (2)

Apple shading example (2)


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