Art in all forms sings to my soul.  Whether it be painting, performing arts, theater, food, wine and nature, every single example helps to make our lives beautiful, lively and enjoyable.  As for visual arts, I’ve been fortunate to have art in my life from a very young age.  For as long as I can remember, sketching, drawing and painting have always figured prominently in my life.   This has all culminated in the Fine Arts program I envisioned, developed and implemented at Palomares Elementary in Castro Valley, California.  Unlike many popular canned programs available, the school’s administration and myself really wanted to implement a program which incorporated Contemporary, Western, Female, Ethnic and a more diverse selection of artists.  Our goal was to deliver a comprehensive program which first highlighted the artist of choice, samples of their work, their preferred medium, and Geography (artists place of birth);  proper handling of medium and a guided lesson followed.  One of my personal favorites was to highlight the Renaissance period.  The students were afforded a plaster platter to paint on.  The kids were pleased with the outcome and it really drove home the difficulty Renaissance artists encountered when they were commissioned to paint on plaster.

One of my favorite art lessons which always turned out gorgeous no matter the age group, was the “The Lawrence Tree” done originally by Georgia O’Keeffe.  Conducted as a guided lesson, the children always performed beautifully and you’d be surprised by the final piece.  Especially when framed.  Stunning!

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